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President  Joe Merydith
Secretary  Suji Lee
Treasurer  Sean Espley

Other Board Members

Immediate Past President  Kathleen A. Nicolaides
Membership/Credentials Chairperson  Lisa Stenback

Regional Representatives

Eastern Region  Randy B. Carodine
Mountain Region   Alan M. Kreitl
Northern Pacific Region  Brett Bishop
Southern Pacific Region   Jane Rodriguez

Other Positions

Historian   Alan M. Kreitl
Newsletter Editor  Iris A. Belliston

Past Presidents

2016-2019  Kathleen A. Nicolaides
2013-2016  Wesley P. Grose
2010-2013  Barbara L. Torres
2007-2010  William J. Flynn
2005-2007  James A. Tarver
2003-2005  Melvin H. Cavanaugh
2001-2003  Lloyd W. Cunningham
1999-2001  Mark A. Huntzinger
1997-1999  David L. Oleksow
1995-1997  George J. Throckmorton
1993-1995  Verle R. Truman
1991-1993  Thomas E. Van Valkenburgh
1989-1991  Mary A. Riker
1987-1989  Floyd I. Whiting
1985-1987  George W. Lewis
1983-1985  William J. Flynn
1981-1983  James L. “John” Hale, Jr.

Charter Members

Karen Chiarodit
William J. Flynn
Manuel Gonzales
Bruce P. Greenwood
Michael P. Gryzik
James L. Hale, Jr.
Sandra L. Homewood
Mark Huntzinger
William L. Leaver
David L. Oleksow
J.D. Purkiss
Max W. Stayrook
George J. Throckmorton
Tom VanValkenburgh
Floyd Whiting